Hey, all. Gabe Michelson here.

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I did a lot of reading a lot as a kid and in school, but I never really started writing until I was in college. It was just something to pass the time at first, and it really shows in my early stuff. My characters were shallow and unresearched, and my plots were predictable and tacky. At the time I was reading stuff by Margaret Weis, Tim Zahn, Michael Stackpole, Kathy Tyers, and more, so I was pretty heavily entrenched in sci-fi. Star Wars, specifically.

The first story I wrote was only about ten thousand words (a full novel is usually over 70k), and it was cringe. I called it The Last Fortress, and it was set in the Star Wars universe. I lost the only physical copy, and I never had a digital one, so I thought it was gone for good. Thankfully I found it again a few months ago in a box of old stuff.

From there I moved on to Stargate, and wrote Alliance. That was much better, because I really put some time and effort into it. To anyone out there who wants to write fanfiction or anything like it, I suggest you avoid the main characters. In Alliance, there are references to SG1, but only one line by any of them, and no actual appearances. It's about another SG group, and I used it as an opportunity to develop my own characters, not just to parrot the ones we've seen on tv. I tried to get it published, but of course it depends on copyrighted material, so that was pretty much dead on arrival. I was told that if I wanted to get my stuff published, I'd have to write an entirely original work first. So that's what I did.

Threads was originally called Patchwork, but it's basically the same story. I spent years on this one, off and on, because of real life interruptions and issues. Once I decided I wanted to be a writer for sure, and it stopped just being a hobby, I really got to work. The Threads storyline got firmer, more detailed, and more believable. I collaborated with a friend who looked it over and edited it repeatedly. Well, more than one friend actually- she was just the most helpful.

Then it was on to Code, and then to Fade. Now to Drive, and I'm working on the sequel to Threads at the same time. The work continues, peppered here and there with short stories I come up with when the mood strikes me.

My perspective is different from most Americans- most likely due to being raised overseas by missionary parents. I use that valuable viewpoint in all parts of my life and not just my stories. I'm grateful for the differences, because they let me give that perspective to people who read my stuff. You don't have to like my work (and some of you probably won't), but if you think about it at all, then I've done my job well.

Read and comment (once the forum is up), as you please. I love a good debate. Probably because no one can interrupt me over text messages. Hope to see you there!

~ Gabe M.

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