Hey, everyone.

My name is Gabe Michelson (he/him). I've been writing narratives, both novels and short stories, for close to twenty years now, but I've only really gotten into it in the last three. There's nothing quite like coming up with new characters, a new world in which they live, and a new way for them to interact with each other. It's... intoxicating to me.

Unfortunately, our standard book-publishing system is a raging dumpster fire. I know my work is good—it's been liked by friends and strangers alike—but I've sent out hundreds, maybe thousands of query letters to multiple publishers and literary agents by now. The few who did respond... only gave me form rejection letters. I doubt the vast majority of them bothered to even read my letters, much less my books!

It's soul-crushing, is what that is. I was tempted to give up, but that's not really me anymore.

Instead I've turned to you. I've reached out on social media and online platforms, trying to spread awareness of my stories. That's why my work is free. My hope is that you'll read one or more of my stories, and like them. If you do, please tell others. I need as many eyes on my work as possible.

I used Facebook for a while, but I can't stand supporting the Zuck, so I wanted my own site. Thankfully I know a very skilled web designer who put this one together.

And yes, I did put my pronouns in my introduction. If that's not enough of a signal of who I am, let me put it plainly: I believe in universal human equality. I realize that's opening a huge can of worms, but it's a discussion for another place. Maybe on the forums, if you want.

You can read basic descriptions on each tab in the top right, but the full documents are on the forums. The links are next to each one. As for my blog, it's called Daen's Musings. I don't have many entries yet, but that's because there are so many much smarter people commenting on those same events and topics. I hope you enjoy those as well.

I have audio of a slightly embarrassing interview with Mike Wagner below. If you listen to it, do so with a grain of salt, because it's my first public interview.

See you on the forums!

~ Gabe M.

Check out my interview on The Mike Wagner Show on your preferred platform below.

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